Workforce Development Board of Southeast Missouri

. . .A high quality standard of life for our region.

WDB Board of Directors

A local Workforce Development Board must be made up of at least a majority of private sector (business) representatives and public partners. The bylaws of the Workforce Development Board of Southeast Missouri require that there be two (2) members representing businesses from each of the thirteen counties in the Southeast Region. Following is the current list of business members of the Workforce Development Board of Southeast Missouri.


Bollinger County

 Stan Beel

 Stephen Gray

Cape Girardeau County

  Linda Greaser


Dunklin County

 Larry Swindle

 Charles Dierks

Iron County



Madison County

 John Singleton

 Sarah Burgin

Mississippi County



New Madrid County

 Glen Medlin



Pemiscot County

 Robert Culler

 Kathy Sanders

Perry County

 Valerie Klein


St. Francois County

 Sheri Graham


Ste. Genevieve County

 David Bova

 Tom Greminger


Scott County

 Clare Urhahn

  Valada Harp

Stoddard County

 James Boyer

 Julian Steiner


CORE Partners

 Adult Education & Literacy                                  Amy Jones

 Vocational Rehabilitation                                    Janet Childers

 Division of Workforce Development                   Melissa Woltkamp                             Higher Education                                                Bev Hickam

 Economic Development                                      Scott Sattler 

 TANF/MWA                                                         Robin Nolan


 Labor                                                                   JJ Lane
 Labor                                                                   Daryl Owens

 Apprenticeship                                                     Shane Tyler

 Vocational Rehabilitation                                     Janet Childers

 SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence        Sara McDowell


MOWIB members from the Southeast Region

Birdie LeGrand

Cheryl Thurston


 Chair                  Sheri Graham

 Vice Chair           Julian Steiner

 Secretary            Clare Urhahn

 Treasurer            Stephen Gray

 Parliamentarian   Tom Greminger

Committees for 2015-2016


Officers, Committee Chairs, Commissioners

Alliance for Equal Access

Valerie Klein - Chair

Sarah McDowell - Vice Chair

Janet Childers

Charles Dierks

Stan Beel

David Bova

Glen Medlin

Youth Action Network

James Boyer - Chair

Amy Jones - Vice Chair

Shane Tyler

Robin Nolan

Larry Swindle

Robert Culler

Kathy Sanders

Workforce Systems Network

Bev Hickam - Chair

Julian Steiner - Vice Chair

Scott Sattler

JJ Lane

Daryl Owens

Melissa Woltkamp

Linda Greaser

John Singleton

Tom Greminger

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